BIOS 1.60 releasd

Reader Scott Gemmell notes that a BIOS 1.60 release is now available.

A “normal” download and changelog are now available at

I’ve yet to try this BIOS so can’t comment on its functionality.

Toshiba Australia‘s site has two separate downloads available, for 32 and 64 bit Windows respectively, which appear to be the same file: 32 bit 64 bit.

I’ve failed to find a changelog for this BIOS, nor any other references to it online.

Unlike the previous versions, this one is not a self-extracting ZIP file, and I’m unable to deal with it under Linux. Under Windows, it extracts a set of files to c:\ubios and runs the UBIOS.BAT it contains; I’ve put a zip of these files here.

I won’t be installing this one until we get a changelog.

Remember that the zip I’ve provided is completely unauthorised by Toshiba and might destroy your computer, for which I accept no responsibility.