BIOS 1.40 release

Reader Julien Lanza reports that BIOS version 1.40 has been released.

There has also been a 1.30 release, which possibly was not made available on Toshiba’s website until 1.40 was released.

The download and changelog are at

It ships as a Windows EXE file, which is in fact a ZIP archive extractable with ‘unzip’.  Inside it are an EXE which can be run from inside Windows to update the BIOS, and an ISO. I successfully burned the ISO to a CD and booted it from a USB CD-ROM drive (in UEFI mode) to run the update.

As Julien notes, a CSM (legacy BIOS) support mode is now offered. Reports from anyone who has tested this would be appreciated 🙂 If anyone proves it working (for installation and subsequent booting of the installed system) we should update the page.

With the 1.40 BIOS, I still need “acpi_backlight=vendor” to have working backlight control in X, and I still need “i8042.reset i8042.nomux=1” to have a reliably working keyboard after resume-from-suspend.

The internal ethernet (r8169) is still broken after a suspend/resume cycle.

There are microcode updates, so further investigation might find differences in power consumption, sleep behaviour, etc.

Thanks Julien!