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I intend to keep this post up-to-date as I discover new sources of information

Finding information about the current NB10 online is complicated by Toshiba having made a model called NB10 before.

The previous NB10 was a netbook from the 2007/2008 vintage with the old Atom N270 CPU. It’s not clear to me how widely it was sold – I suspect it was restricted to a limited number of countries.


  • Notebookcheck review – very comprehensive with lots of technical detail. Not very complimentary and does not recommend the NB10.
  • Revoo (crowdsourced) reviews – much less technical.
  • I’ve started a linlap.com page about it.

Driver downloads:

  • Toshiba site – note that there are no Windows 7 drivers. You can download the BIOS from here (current version at time of writing is 1.20) – unfortunately you will need Windows to run the BIOS flashing program.

Other forums:

  • Toshiba appear to have several forums: Europe has some information. There’s also a US/World forum (with nothing useful at time of writing). These forums appear to be heavily “curated” with threads suggestive of difficulty with the product being silently disappeared. At the time I made my purchase, a forum search for NB10 would find numerous threads about problems with UEFI booting. All of these threads have vanished now.
  • Toshiba have a website and a mailing list about running Linux on their hardware. Sadly, both appear to be abandoned.

UK Suppliers:

  • I bought my NB10 in the UK from Argos. Their returns policy is relatively friendly if a machine turns out not to be suitable and their stores are everywhere. I paid £299.99 – prices seem to change daily.
  • There are several suppliers on Amazon and Ebay. There seem to be several different models on offer – check carefully which one you are buying.
  • John Lewis stock it.
  • PC World stock it.
  • So do the co-op and Misco at the time of writing.
  • If you’re in the UK, always check Hotukdeals for offers before making a major purchase like a laptop.



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