Fixing Toshiba NB10 Linux resume-from-suspend issues

I found that the NB10 would reliably go in to suspend, but would not reliably resume. Resuming sometimes resulted on a power-on and the backlight coming back on, but nothing showing on the screen. Pressing the caps-lock key did toggle the light, and the laptop’s IP did answer pings and incoming ssh requests after resume, showing that the system was alive.

This appears to have been caused by a problem with the keyboard controller (which also runs the trackpad) not being correctly re-initialised on resume. The screen remains blank because of the inactivity timeout.

Appending “i8042.reset i8042.nomux=1” to the kernel commandline fixes this.

After this, I found both suspend-to-RAM and suspend-to-disk (hibernate) to work reliably.

The built-in Realtek RTL8101E wired ethernet remains broken after a resume from either suspend or hibernation, irrespective of whether the nonfree firmware-realtek package is installed.


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