NB10 power consumption and battery life expectancy

The NB10 ships with a 3-cell 24Wh battery. It’s 10.8V 2100mAh and has model number PA5170U-1BRS.


Toshiba’s quoted battery life (for the NB10t-a-101 which I have) is 3 hours 30 minutes.

The battery is removable, and the system will boot and run without it, but it requires two screws to be removed and a little bit of persuasion – so it can’t really be ‘hot-swapped’ while the system is running.

Power consumption is dramatically reduced by running the Intel “powertop” utility and implementing its suggestions.

Reviewers have quoted “idle” runtimes of 5h30 and “full load” of 2h. This approximately matches my experience – 2h with the brightness at maximum and my Android handset charging from a USB port. In typical use I see 4h30 of runtime with the brightness at about 1/4.

As expected, there is little impact from switching the HDD to an SSD.


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