Replacing the hard disk in the Toshiba NB10

I’ve replaced the hard disk that shipped with by NB10 with an SSD.

As well as as being faster, this also makes the machine totally silent in-use, as it’s fanless.

There were a couple of quirks which are worth noting.

1: The Toshiba BIOS would not detect the new disk until it had been completely powered-down, which requires that the battery be removed.

Toshiba do note in their official instructions (at and that this is necessary – but as the battery must be unscrewed for removal, it’s perhaps not obvious.

2: The boot order doesn’t appear to be respected. I’m not 100% sure what the cause of this is, but although the SSD is set to be the first boot device, the system always starts by trying to read a USB device and then PXE boot, before trying the SSD.


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